Success in business with us

The Fashion Business Centre in Greater Dusseldorf!

Due to its top-class setting and excellent connections, Euromoda is the ideal location for success-orientated companies.

Its direct proximity to fashion city of Dusseldorf and great transport links to Dusseldorf airport as well as to the A46/A57 Autobahn allow ideal accessibility to visitors.

Due to its proximity to the Dutch and Belgian borders, Euromoda is also a magnet for Dutch and Belgium shoppers.


Get involved in the Euromoda community and present your products in one of our coveted show rooms

We offer you areas that are customised to your individual needs. In addition to this, you’ll receive top class support from our centre management and technical team!

Your membership in the Tenant and Advertising Association also provides you with the opportunity to optimise your marketing strategy online and offline.


The Partner for your Company!

Along with showrooms, Euromoda offers fashion-loving and other companies attractive office spaces. Whether open-plan or individual offices, Euromoda will enable you to expand your business on a large scale

Euromoda’s outstanding infrastructure and proximity to Dusseldorf offer your business the best conditions for successful business.

Visit us and see for yourself!

Euromoda Head Office
Tel.: 02131-1690-0

Contact our Brokerage Company:


Anton-Kux-Str. 2
D-41460 Neuss

Tel. 0 21 31 – 16 90 90
Fax 0 21 31 – 16 90 91

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Monday, Tuesday, Thursday:
9.00am – 5.00pm

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Open Saturday/Sunday:
9.00am – 6:00pm

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